'Pendant in a Petticoat' meeting led by Maureen Payne on January 20th 2018 at Upton Warren



A Design by Maureen Payne

Copyright October 2017

This is a crystal top-drilled drop clothed in a ‘petticoat’ of tiny beads enclosed within the ‘legs’ of tubular herringbone stitches which are continuous above the pendant to make a herringbone rope which can be embellished if desired.

This design can be adapted for any top-drilled pendant which has a reasonable amount of flared shape to allow for the ‘petticoat’ embellishment. Instructions will also be given for matching earrings

You are aiming for a pendant with a neat, flat and smooth outline, you need tiny beads of good quality and even size.


1 x crystal drop pendant approx 38 x 16mm (eg Swarovski 8601).

2 x Swarovski drops (6000) 15 x 7mm (earrings)

12 -15g of Miyuki delicas size 11 (depends on length of rope)

16 delica beads size 11 in a strong contrast to main colour delica (for the herringbone start only, will be removed later)

1g Czech charlottes size 15

1-2g Miyuki seed beads size 15, or Czech charlottes size 13. These should match or blend very well with the size 15 charlottes. (Toho 15s are too large).

1g Miyuki seed bead size 11, should match /blend with the charlottes and 15s above.

40 -50 x 2mm pearls/druks or round beads – 20 for the pendant, 4 for earrings, plus some optional extra for rope embellishment (I used an extra 16, but you could use none at all or more, dependant on chosen design) – to match /blend with charlottes and 15s

1 x 3mm round bead. (this will be hidden so any spare bead will do)

Swarovski rose montees OR Preciosa Rosemont montees:

Pendant /earrings -

4 x 2.7 mm (ss10) – for the earrings only (can substitute 3mm)

4 x 3mm (ss12)

6 x 4mm (ss16)

Rope embellishmentan optional further 8 – 16 rose montees, either 3mm or 4mm can be used, (either 4 x 3mm or 2 x 4mm per embellishment unit), depending on chosen design.

NB: All the montees MUST be the flat type with visible channels running across the back in a ‘cross’ pattern, check carefully as descriptions on-line are not always reliable. CHATON MONTEES ARE NOT SUITABLE, too chunky.

Clasp of choice, I used a 12mm Swarovski button and loop, it can be made into one piece with no clasp if preferred.

6lb Fireline or similar, needs strong thread.

Beading needles size 12 and 13 (essential for charlottes)

Suggestions for pendant embellishment of your own design: 2.5mm bicones (bottom row maybe, better in the rope), Swarovski 5000 rounds 2mm size only, microfacetted 2mm round gemstones, coated haematite 2mm rounds, True 2 firepolish, 3mm fine bugles (bottom row).

Suggestions for rope embellishment of your own design: Larger beads, eg 2.5-3mm pearls /round beads or bicones matching those in the pendant are optional for any design you wish to include.

NOT suitable for the pendant: Chaton montees of any brand, any bead over 2.5mm; any rondelle however small (they give a lumpy profile); Swarovski mesh – their bases are too rounded.