'Macramé madness' meeting led by Jo Turner

'Macramé madness'

This is a combo of beadwork /macramé and a tiny amount of wirework.

This meeting has been moved to WAITROSE COMMUNITY ROOM(same place as we met for the Charity day in June), near J7 of the M5. Postcode is WR5 2JG

Sue will bring her shop, Jo will have some of her gemstones and Maureen will bring along her stash sale too, all tailored towards Jo's project.

If anyone wants to bring along unwanted beads to sell, please do so.

Requirements for 'Macramé madness'

Foam board like macramé type, or clipboard and 2x small clips (to secure working thread/wire) optional but useful.

Macrame thread such as s-lon. 0.9mm quicker/easier to use, but 0.4 looks delicate & dainty

4mm firepolish crystals approx. 30 each

Beads or gemstones ideal sizes between 4mm upto 10mm and quantity 3 to 15 each (hole needs to allow for 0.6mm wire minimum)

Seed beads for threading directly onto wire size 8 or size 6 (you don't need large numbers so good way to use up those odd ones.

Seed beads for beadwork decorative focal can be size 15, 11 or larger (you will be creating a beaded tube)

Mix of crystals, firepolish, small pearls or gemstone can be added to the beaded tube for additional decoration/sparkle, again you don't require many.

Wire 0.8mm is preferred/ideal, (1mm ok, but tricky to wrap loops, 0.6mm absolute minimum as bangle requires strength).

Clasp, jumprings etc.

Please don't worry about wire, threading material, clasps, jumprings etc I will bring a selection along with any tools (wire cutters, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers)

The project has many variations and can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, I imagine most of you will make quite a few if you enjoy the process.

Please don't be put off of attending if it's not your thing, just bring your own beading project and enjoy the company, chatter and mocktails, cake….

I will also bring along gemstones for sale. (selected for suitability for this project).